• There is something about you I cant put into words its an energy....... I feel like if you layed on the earth you'd disappear into it like there's no separation between you and all that is. Whilst those of us awakened all claim to know that we are all one with everything but you are the first person I have ever clearly seen that in.

    - Ella, Australia
  • "You probably get this ALL THE TIME but I'm going to say it anyway - I felt an incredibly strong connection to you. I wanted to soak your words into my skin so they could penetrate my deepest being such was the power I felt in your presence. Every syllable you spoke made utter and complete sense to me. I have continued to learn about Ayurveda and am still - even more - fascinated by it."

    - Katie, Australia

  • "If you spend time with Umaa your relationships may become richer and more real. You may be unable to do the same work you used to and need to find more aligned ways to support yourself. You may respect your need for time alone more and cherish yourself as great company. You may notice others gravitating towards you and complimenting and repetitively telling you that they love you and that you are important to them. Please also be warned some people may even describe you as 'a breath of fresh air' a 'darling heart' a 'thread of goodness and clarity' (please heed this warning). Old outdated connections that undervalued you may fall away or transform. You may also feel loved and accepted more for who you are by people who had formerly judged you. You may feel tired from crying senseless tears. You may lose your appetite because your old hungers for true connection become satiated."

    - Libby, Australia

  • "I fell in love. I saw the stars, moon, sun, the whole U-niverse in Umaa's smile and eyes. My body took me to bow at her feet. A force awoke in me. I was screaming, growling, sounding out a primitive animalistic language. Felt primal, hammering the floor, going up, going down, twisting, spitting poison, loving U, hissing with her, calling out 'Yes yes yes'. It was like an out of body experience, but I was very much there. I was completely surrendered to Umaa. My body went into shapes I've never been in before. I spoke a language I do not know, but I knew. Umaa is the universe right there in front of me."

    - Karen, Denmark
  • "I see Umaa as an everpresent union of the creative and destructive forces of duality. Neither death nor birth, but rather the void which allows the two to exist. Just like how the up/down fluctuations of sound could not exist without the silence beneath providing space for the sound to be, Umaa resides as the silence. And when one creates sound from silence, there can be no illusion. When Umaa speaks, there is only truth. No up without down, no creation without destruction, no birth without death, no preference, no choice, no denial, no approval, as one sees both sides of all that is spoken and knows that neither is true, for one resides in the truth. The process Umaa is providing guides us deeper into the roots of our own existence and as we travel down there we find all the cages of limitation that have been awaiting death from the very moment we identified our existence with them. We are given the keys to unlock them and dynamite if the keys are too frightening. Once a cage has been unlocked/dissolved, an experience of death and birth occur simultaneously and we become more aware of our true nature."

    - Rick, Australia
  • "Umaa has given me back the respect for the teacher again, she is so honest. I have such high standards when it comes to teachers. She is more Westernized than maybe I am and yet she is more Indian than the Indians in India. She has such respect for the gurus. There is all of this energy but what are you going to do with it? It has to be for God and love."

    - Juergen, Germany

  • "I remember wondering why people would touch Swami Satchidananda’s feet when I lived at his ashram. I can now say I absolutely know why I threw myself at Umaa’s feet. It is an overwhelming feeling of love, gratitude and devotion for her willingness to pierce me with her love—God’s love. A complete surrender in total trust to God in the form of Umaa. An awe that I am fortunate enough to be in her presence and receive transmissions that are wiping out lifetimes of karma. Priceless, overwhelming wonder and bliss."

    - Devika, USA

  • "Uma is the only person who I believe to have seen me fully and loved me wholly. Uma is the person I trust most in this world. Her power and energetic presence is undeniably grand, which can be attractive for those looking for answers and threatening to those who are afraid. Uma is pure knowledge, energy, truth and love which takes shape in many forms. Because that is reality. She is magic, she is tapped into worlds that to the naked eye are unseen and misunderstood. Uma is a bridge, a vessel, a translator, a mirror."

    - Rita, USA
  • "I've always been a lover. I've had countless loves in my life. But one thing that was continuously reflected to me, is that my love was too much. No one could take it all in.
    When I first met Umaa, I finally found the one person that could receive all of me. And not only receive me but love me way past what I thought love could be. And not just me, everyone around her, freely, openly, indiscriminately, without any conditions nor obligations.
    Without games nor manipulations. Without needs nor fears."

    - Mateo, France
  • "You have made me find God Umaa....I looked at you one day and saw God. I saw love.
    I saw love!! Found love in me because of you!! Thank you."

    - Malcolm, Australia
  • "I prostrate immediately in gratitude for all of who and what you are that has offered fruit of such substance and magnitude. You have unlocked doorways I did not know existed, guided me down pathways I feared to tread alone. Thank you for showing me that magic is real. Thank you for caring so deeply as to stamp the shit out of my ignorance and allow me to remember the nature of my true self. Thank you for bringing yoga to life with such power I can only laugh at the miracle of it all. Thank you for the grace. Thank you for a voice of such richness and wealth. Thank you for bringing alive my humanity, just being around you has allowed me to feel the divinity of my own misery. U have embodied all that one could ever learn...you have brought me down, down, down so that I need not search any more, but find the seamless truth within every experience...
    Umaa - Shiva - Kali - Bhairava : Even the greatest of names are not enough, and I prostrate at your feet in deepest gratitude, to U, the heavy one, who has lit my way in every way."

    - Layla, USA
  • "For Umaa to say 'I am no one’s guru' is liberating me and it is truth...
    It was clear that everything we had been holding onto was held up to us as falsehood. We made Umaa our teacher and we created expectations around that, expectations that Umaa never gave us to hold onto, but we created them as a way to engage. We created a false relationship to Umaa...We made Umaa our escape goat, we used her, for all our failures, for everything we were not getting, we used her to bitch at, we began hating her for leaving us. We began to hate her for not loving us the way that we wanted, for not being what we wanted her to be, creating a strangle hold around her. Creating so many clever boxes and watching for when she would slip and fall from the pedestal we put her on. Waiting to see when she would make a mistake, when we could say "that must mean she's not divine", 'oh she's lying', 'can't trust her'. We were looking for loop holes, so we could say that Umaa was a fraud or a fake and then give ourselves an escape route."​

    - Rani, India/UK