What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda means the Science of Life. Ayurveda is an integrative medicinal system recorded in sacred Indian texts as old as 5,000 years. Philosopher-physicians solved cosmic mysteries and transmitted facts in profound, elegant terms. They perfected holistic technologies for maintaining internal balance and living a long, fulfilling life.

What is a Going With Nature Ayurveda Consultation?

A consultation with Going With Nature consultants will answer questions about yourself: your true, original, natural self.
Bring little and big questions about your life. Discover truths about your nature you didn't know or may have forgotten. Explore ways to recharge your love for life and the strength to persevere when facing challenges. Awaken the understanding that our greatest wealth is health and peace of mind.

Your consultation will address questions of a limitless range, including but not limited to:

Who am I? What is my life's purpose? What will make me truly happy? How can I awaken to my full potential? How do I maintain connection with higher consciousness? How do I integrate my spiritual experiences into my regular life? What meditation and yoga is right for me? How to balance my career and relationships? How do I eat for my type? How can I get more energy? What will help me to sleep better? How can I feel more calm? How do I lose weight easily? How can I look and feel my best from the inside out? What exercise suits me best? How can I stay youthful?

These questions and more have been answered by Ayurveda for thousands of years.

What happens in your initial consultation?

To determine your constitution and condition, whether online or in person, Going With Nature consultants navigate a traditional, detailed process to chart your personal history and specific health concerns. Discuss the means to stabilize physical, mental, emotional and spiritual freedom. Based on this information, a set of daily regimens including diet, lifestyle, herbs, yoga, breathing and meditation is also discussed and personalized for you to digest in your own time and integrate, as a way to maintain balance independently.

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"Since working with Uma, I have undergone a massive transformation and feel the happiest and healthiest I have ever been in my life. I can now really live." - Lauren, Australia

Panchakarma with Umā

Research and prepare for Panchakarma as if it were the single, most important thing you want to be doing with your whole life at that particular time in India, the motherland of Ayurveda. Bring your own fears, stress, doubts, resistance, projections, hurts, imbalances and any apparent lack.

We will be exposing and shedding on all levels to prepare for a whole body process of renewal.

Why do it, Panchakarma? Only because you have faith in your own research that Panchakarma is truly the holistic cellular detox and rejuvenation it has been empowered to be for thousands of years—serving millions in their effortful quest for life—long youthfulness and health, a clean conscience and the liberating powers earned through conscious embodiment.

Panchakarma is nothing less than genius, a gift from the ancient masters and sages. And Uma has experienced it as one key for the conscious emptying and refilling required, to power—up and wake up—for real—to your true nature and purpose for living great—full.

Remember you are a limitless being serving the bigger picture in a limited form and that form—your own body—deserves a regular, assisted overhaul with each micro part thoroughly cleansed and nourished inside-out, bottom to top with the substances of Nature's love for her own.

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  • "The very night after our consultation, I started sleeping again after 18 years of insomnia."

    -Cyril, France

  • "Sometimes in life God offers a great gift. Meeting Umaa has been that for me. Umaa's own radiance, vitality and presence has renewed my faith that beyond all of the health fads and trends, there is a wholesome path back to true wellness—and that is the path of Ayurveda."

    -Libby, Australia
  • "A beautiful Indian radiating calmness and inner beauty, of a suspended-in-time age...She was Umaa. The moment she started speaking I realized I had a master in front of me...Her words were simple, clear, and full of sense...Our consultation began to extend to all chapters of my life. She was slowly entering my heart at the front door at the speed of her words. I felt the urge to tell her everything about me, all my joys and sorrows under Umaa’s deep eyes...I wouldn’t have left that room for an infinite time. When leaving her I couldn’t help but crying. And I felt blessed to finally find what I was looking for since long ago: a superior light."

    -Maria, Romania/Italy

  • "I felt listened to, acknowledged, valid, my opinions appreciated like never before. I felt loved. One hug from Umaa is like a hug from 100 mothers. I started to use the tools Umaa gave me during consultations. After 1 hour of consultation and 3 hours of yoga with Umaa my view of life changed. The view of yoga changed. My eating habits changed. My body changed by losing weight easy and painless."

    -Thea, Norway