Namaste The God In Me Sees The God In You. I Honor And Respect You.


Umā is sought out by discerning practitioners for her decades of experience in the synergy of Kundalini Tantra Yoga and Ayurveda.

African born - of Indian descent - Umā has walked a less common path far from family, schools and cities, a path that led her at 20 to her initiation and higher education off-the-grid in a river ravine in Bali, her home base for almost 30 years.

Trained one-on-one by a renegade master for 14 years in wild, secluded & accelerative conditions, Umā appeals to experimental and self responsible questers of fresh interaction with human heritage.

With mandates and licenses to teach from up-to-date Yoga & Ayurveda gurus and alliances, Umā is a working broadcast for cosmic dynamics in a seemingly paradoxical world.

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